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Locks are the best way to keep you, your family and your home protected from danger. Installing dead bolts and other types of locks in and around your home will ensure that your belongings are kept safe and out of reach from criminals attempting to break in and steal your possessions. While installing locks in and around your home may seem like a pretty simple task to take on, there are many home owners who make minor mistakes that turn into major frustrations. There are some tips to consider when installing your own locks that will save you a great deal of time and aggravation.

Emergency Home & Office Lockout Services

One of the most common mistakes that occur when homeowners decide to install new locks on their own is locking themselves out of their own home. First, if this occurs, you should be somewhat satisfied with yourself, as it means that you installed the lock properly, because it works and you are locked out. When installing a new lock or dead bolt, be sure to put the new key in your back pocket before you begin working on the installation, this will save you a great deal of embarrassment and frustration.

Door Lock Strike Plates

When installing a lock or dead bolt in your home, also make sure that before you screw the plates onto your door that they are facing the correct direction. While some plates are sometimes installed upside down, this will not affect the functionality of the lock, but it will be a constant reminder that you made a mistake and put it on wrong. Pay close attention to screw alignment and the way that the lock should look on the door when finished. Nothing is quite as frustrating as having to unscrew everything and start all over again. Take your time and do not rush through the job.

Lock Height Requirements

Another common mistake that home owners make when installing their own locks or dead bolts is changing the height at which they sit on the door or in the wall. The instructions should include a specific distance on how high off the ground the lock should be installed. Unless you are sure that the door is solid wood, do not alter this distance at all. If your door is hollow, it may not have the wood block necessary for the deadbolt to be installed into.

Deadbolt & Lock Installation & Replacement, Key & Locksmith Services in South Miami, Coral Gables, Hialeah & Miami Florida

If you are ready to install new locks or deadbolt into your home, your best choice is to call a professional to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Contact The Lock Doc today for the best lock installation service available.

Using a locksmith is a great way to get a new key made that has been lost or a duplicate key made so that you can give it to a family member. Locksmiths can also replace lost or stolen car keys and transponder keys that might have broken or been misplaced. There are many locksmiths that offer emergency services that are available on the go. They can come to you if you have been stranded somewhere or are locked out of your home or office. This is when you need them most and this is also the moment that many people get overcharged. The problem is that you are stuck out of your car, office or home and have no way to get in. You also are probably already behind your schedule for the day and need to get back as soon as possible. When this is the case you call a locksmith that you may not know that has a low advertised price. If you see a locksmith that claims too good to be true price it probably is.

The Lock Doc has prepared what you need to know about hiring a locksmith and not getting overcharged.

What is the price for locksmith services: If you call a place that has advertised a price that seems low it probably is because they are going to tack on fees that they don’t tell you about. When they get there the price is one part and the fee to come to you is another, plus the actual service, and then the cost of the key that they are replacing etc. In the end you are paying much more then you intended to. They know that this is a great tactic to get you invested in using them because you are usually in a pinch and need help right away. Maybe you are stuck at the grocery store with food that needs to be refrigerated, or you need to be at an appointment. They are banking on you being in a rush and just deciding to pay the cost that they end up charging you.

Call ahead of a locksmith problem: This is what you want to do if you want to make sure that you are not overcharged for locksmith services. You can call a local locksmith and establish a relationship before you have a problem. This will give you time to ask about pricing and fees that may be associated with emergency services. This way you are prepared with a price in mind that you already are aware of. Keep the number saved in your phone so you are ready to make the call as soon as you need it.

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Most of us have run into a situation where we need the assistance of a locksmith service. Whether it is a broken key in a lock, a lost key or you are in need of a duplicate, key cutting is one of the most common services that locksmiths provide today. Key cutting provides great conveniences for us at a very fast turnover time. Getting a house key duplicated is as simple as showing up at your local locksmith and asking for a copy. In a matter of minutes you will be holding a new set of house keys. Key cutting machines are an essential tool for any locksmith in today’s industry.

Types of Key Cutting Machines

Not all key cutting machines are the same and not all provide the same type of key cutting requirements. Key cutting machines vary in type, starting with a manual key cutting machine to others like laser, automatic and code design key cutting machines. Depending on the budget and skill set of your local locksmith; your keys will be cut by one of these types of key cutting machines. Car keys, house keys and skeleton keys are all different types of keys that are better cut by specific key cutting machines.

Duplicate Key Copy

When you ask to have a duplicate key made for your home or vehicle, the locksmith starts the process with a blank key, or a key that has a flat blade. This is the only way that the exact shape of the original key can be properly duplicated. The key cutting machine that is used will cut and shave metal away until both keys are absolutely identical. Depending on the type of key cutting machine that is used, your keys will be finished fairly quickly. The great advantage that key cutting machines have today is the speed they are able to duplicate a key.

Automatic Key Cutting Machines

An automatic key cutting machine works much faster than a manual key cutting machine. A laser key cutting machine uses a laser to cut the metal of the blank key, rather than a blade like the manual and automatic key cutting machines. Laser key cutting machines also have the ability to add dimples to a key’s surface, which some of today’s more advanced key systems require.

Duplicate Keys, Broken Key Repair, Lost Key Replacement Locksmith Services in South Miami, Coral Gables, Hialeah & Miami FL

If you are in need of a set of duplicate keys, have accidentally broken the key off into a lock or have simply misplaced a key, contact The Lock Doc today for professional locksmith service. Our locksmith’s are skilled and experienced in using all type of key cutting machines to provide you with the best possible product available.

Halloween is an exciting time for the little ones. Dressing up like their favorite heroes or fantasy characters or even the scariest ghouls their imagination can conjure; anticipating the potential spoils the evening has to offer. Not to mention us, as the adults, want to take make sure our little monsters and mummies have the best time and take them out on their little outings. Even childless adults could be involved in a party night, or want to help their best friend hand out candy at their home.

No matter the scenario, it is quite possible that no one will be at your home – at least for a few hours, before or after you decide to hand out a few chocolate treats of your own. You want to make sure to leave your home safe and secure. Halloween gives the perfect cover for potential burglars to enter your home. After all, even if your neighbors are home, chances are the criminal minded won’t arouse suspicion and will blend in with the crowds.

The Lock Doc would like to offer you some tips and advice on keeping your home safe for trick-or-treaters, and also while you are away from it this upcoming Halloween.

Safety & Security for the Trick or Treaters

1. Have a clear path leading to your place of offerings. Whether you are handing out treats from your front door or garage opening, be sure there is a clear path free from debris and clutter. We don’t want the little ones to trip and injure themselves.
2. Keep your pets detained. Many unfamiliar guests will be approaching your home. Keep the pups and kitty cats away from the door. For the safety of your pets and the little goblins coming to your door, you want to make sure they are tucked somewhere safe and happy.
3. Lights need to be illuminating. Keep porch lights on, and perhaps even decorate a path a few strings of neutral Christmas lights to keep the things bright and visible.
4. Flames need to be supervised. Jack-O-Lanterns and decorative candles are a safety hazard and easily knocked over. Keep a close eye on the burning flames, and keep them 3 feet or so away from any clutter.
5. Unfortunately we live in a time where preparing homemade treats isn’t trusted anymore. If you like indulging, save them for friends and family, and familiar neighborhood children. The unfamiliar kids coming to your door are best given commercially wrapped treats.

Home Safety Tips While Away

1. Most people understand that when the porch light is off, it is a signal that there is no one available to hand out candy. Just make sure not every light is out. Criminals passing by might believe that no one is home and target your residence. Keep a few lights burning.
2. Windows need to be locked and barriers in place. Ensure blinds are down and curtains closed to keep an intruder from peaking into your home and evaluating potential grabs, entry points and escape routes.
3. Make sure the yard is freshly tended. Grass trimmed and bushes and trees pruned. It will increase visibility to masses walking through and neighbors who decided to stay out by the garage and delver treats.
4. Make sure you have locks and dead bolts in place and they are all being used. Lock doors, windows and garages.
5. Set your security system to on while you are away.

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The Lock Doc has experienced professionals that can upgrade locks, install dead bolts, and institute a top of the line security system. Call us for a free consultation on securing your home and keeping it safe this Halloween.

Everyone has come into contact with a panic bar or crash bar on doors. They are generally found in large facility buildings such as schools, shopping centers, medical facilities and large offices. These panic bars are a huge asset in emergency situations. When the panic bar is pushed, the door becomes unlatched, allowing for effortless access out of the building, as the doors swing outwardly as opposed to inwardly.

Panic Bars for Fire Safety Exits

The larger the facility is the greater the importance becomes. Allow us to set the scene. A fire alarm has been activated and fear instantly hits the crowd. More so if there are actually sensory proof of a hazardous fire. The masses panic and rush to the doors for a hasty exit. People are possibly being trampled and with wrong door latches, people’s irrational thinking will create even more of a catastrophe. If there is pause and hesitation to appropriately open a door, the folks that don’t do well under pressure at the doors, could result in higher risk of mayhem. There have been documented incidents where people have become victim to critical injury or death, all because a door hindered their escape. Panic bars have become engineered in reference to those cases.

So now that you have a brief background on panic bars, The Lock Doc will list a few added benefits.

Safety of Panic Bars – Safety is the number one thing. Not only are push bars handy in emergencies, but they are a great tool in less critical situations. For example, the push bar is designed to be locked on the outside, keeping unauthorized people out, but still allowing easy exiting access. Panic bars are functional with an alarm system to better facilitate door exiting. For proper installation and full efficiency, push bars should only be installed by a locksmith.

Custom Panic Bars – There is an array of choices that fit the facilities unique needs. Depending on budget, security measures, and safety ability, as well as cross bar variety and vertical bar assortments.

Affordability of Crash Bars – The professional locksmiths at The Lock Doc can acquire the push bars perfect for your building, and install it at a reasonable cost.

Lower Insurance Rates – Not only are the push bars cost effective, but they support building security. With proper installation, insurance premiums are dropped considerably. Properties often receive discounted insurance rates when safety and security measures are in place.

Effectiveness of Panic Bars – We have briefly touched on their safety, and security efficiency, but they are so dependable and effective, that in many public facilities, OSHA has made them mandatory. Panic bars have proven essential for the emergency exit. Exiting is quicker, and better organized when the door is easily opened.

Professional Crash & Panic Push Bar Installation for Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Buildings in South Miami, Coral Gables, Hialeah & Miami FL

With information provided, we strongly recommend taking the time to evaluate your building’s structure. Decide the security protocol that is best for your facility and the nature of the that facility’s purpose. Analyze the appropriate settings for where the push bars may be best effective as opposed to a regularly latch, and consider the occupants safety. Top Master Locksmith can consult with you where the push bars may be needed, and help conclude which push bar, and possible accessories, are right for you and your building.

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