Most of us have run into a situation where we need the assistance of a locksmith service. Whether it is a broken key in a lock, a lost key or you are in need of a duplicate, key cutting is one of the most common services that locksmiths provide today. Key cutting provides great conveniences for us at a very fast turnover time. Getting a house key duplicated is as simple as showing up at your local locksmith and asking for a copy. In a matter of minutes you will be holding a new set of house keys. Key cutting machines are an essential tool for any locksmith in today’s industry.

Types of Key Cutting Machines

Not all key cutting machines are the same and not all provide the same type of key cutting requirements. Key cutting machines vary in type, starting with a manual key cutting machine to others like laser, automatic and code design key cutting machines. Depending on the budget and skill set of your local locksmith; your keys will be cut by one of these types of key cutting machines. Car keys, house keys and skeleton keys are all different types of keys that are better cut by specific key cutting machines.

Duplicate Key Copy

When you ask to have a duplicate key made for your home or vehicle, the locksmith starts the process with a blank key, or a key that has a flat blade. This is the only way that the exact shape of the original key can be properly duplicated. The key cutting machine that is used will cut and shave metal away until both keys are absolutely identical. Depending on the type of key cutting machine that is used, your keys will be finished fairly quickly. The great advantage that key cutting machines have today is the speed they are able to duplicate a key.

Automatic Key Cutting Machines

An automatic key cutting machine works much faster than a manual key cutting machine. A laser key cutting machine uses a laser to cut the metal of the blank key, rather than a blade like the manual and automatic key cutting machines. Laser key cutting machines also have the ability to add dimples to a key’s surface, which some of today’s more advanced key systems require.

Duplicate Keys, Broken Key Repair, Lost Key Replacement Locksmith Services in South Miami, Coral Gables, Hialeah & Miami FL

If you are in need of a set of duplicate keys, have accidentally broken the key off into a lock or have simply misplaced a key, contact The Lock Doc today for professional locksmith service. Our locksmith’s are skilled and experienced in using all type of key cutting machines to provide you with the best possible product available.