Using a locksmith is a great way to get a new key made that has been lost or a duplicate key made so that you can give it to a family member. Locksmiths can also replace lost or stolen car keys and transponder keys that might have broken or been misplaced. There are many locksmiths that offer emergency services that are available on the go. They can come to you if you have been stranded somewhere or are locked out of your home or office. This is when you need them most and this is also the moment that many people get overcharged. The problem is that you are stuck out of your car, office or home and have no way to get in. You also are probably already behind your schedule for the day and need to get back as soon as possible. When this is the case you call a locksmith that you may not know that has a low advertised price. If you see a locksmith that claims too good to be true price it probably is.

The Lock Doc has prepared what you need to know about hiring a locksmith and not getting overcharged.

What is the price for locksmith services: If you call a place that has advertised a price that seems low it probably is because they are going to tack on fees that they don’t tell you about. When they get there the price is one part and the fee to come to you is another, plus the actual service, and then the cost of the key that they are replacing etc. In the end you are paying much more then you intended to. They know that this is a great tactic to get you invested in using them because you are usually in a pinch and need help right away. Maybe you are stuck at the grocery store with food that needs to be refrigerated, or you need to be at an appointment. They are banking on you being in a rush and just deciding to pay the cost that they end up charging you.

Call ahead of a locksmith problem: This is what you want to do if you want to make sure that you are not overcharged for locksmith services. You can call a local locksmith and establish a relationship before you have a problem. This will give you time to ask about pricing and fees that may be associated with emergency services. This way you are prepared with a price in mind that you already are aware of. Keep the number saved in your phone so you are ready to make the call as soon as you need it.

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