Halloween is an exciting time for the little ones. Dressing up like their favorite heroes or fantasy characters or even the scariest ghouls their imagination can conjure; anticipating the potential spoils the evening has to offer. Not to mention us, as the adults, want to take make sure our little monsters and mummies have the best time and take them out on their little outings. Even childless adults could be involved in a party night, or want to help their best friend hand out candy at their home.

No matter the scenario, it is quite possible that no one will be at your home – at least for a few hours, before or after you decide to hand out a few chocolate treats of your own. You want to make sure to leave your home safe and secure. Halloween gives the perfect cover for potential burglars to enter your home. After all, even if your neighbors are home, chances are the criminal minded won’t arouse suspicion and will blend in with the crowds.

The Lock Doc would like to offer you some tips and advice on keeping your home safe for trick-or-treaters, and also while you are away from it this upcoming Halloween.

Safety & Security for the Trick or Treaters

1. Have a clear path leading to your place of offerings. Whether you are handing out treats from your front door or garage opening, be sure there is a clear path free from debris and clutter. We don’t want the little ones to trip and injure themselves.
2. Keep your pets detained. Many unfamiliar guests will be approaching your home. Keep the pups and kitty cats away from the door. For the safety of your pets and the little goblins coming to your door, you want to make sure they are tucked somewhere safe and happy.
3. Lights need to be illuminating. Keep porch lights on, and perhaps even decorate a path a few strings of neutral Christmas lights to keep the things bright and visible.
4. Flames need to be supervised. Jack-O-Lanterns and decorative candles are a safety hazard and easily knocked over. Keep a close eye on the burning flames, and keep them 3 feet or so away from any clutter.
5. Unfortunately we live in a time where preparing homemade treats isn’t trusted anymore. If you like indulging, save them for friends and family, and familiar neighborhood children. The unfamiliar kids coming to your door are best given commercially wrapped treats.

Home Safety Tips While Away

1. Most people understand that when the porch light is off, it is a signal that there is no one available to hand out candy. Just make sure not every light is out. Criminals passing by might believe that no one is home and target your residence. Keep a few lights burning.
2. Windows need to be locked and barriers in place. Ensure blinds are down and curtains closed to keep an intruder from peaking into your home and evaluating potential grabs, entry points and escape routes.
3. Make sure the yard is freshly tended. Grass trimmed and bushes and trees pruned. It will increase visibility to masses walking through and neighbors who decided to stay out by the garage and delver treats.
4. Make sure you have locks and dead bolts in place and they are all being used. Lock doors, windows and garages.
5. Set your security system to on while you are away.

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