Everyone has come into contact with a panic bar or crash bar on doors. They are generally found in large facility buildings such as schools, shopping centers, medical facilities and large offices. These panic bars are a huge asset in emergency situations. When the panic bar is pushed, the door becomes unlatched, allowing for effortless access out of the building, as the doors swing outwardly as opposed to inwardly.

Panic Bars for Fire Safety Exits

The larger the facility is the greater the importance becomes. Allow us to set the scene. A fire alarm has been activated and fear instantly hits the crowd. More so if there are actually sensory proof of a hazardous fire. The masses panic and rush to the doors for a hasty exit. People are possibly being trampled and with wrong door latches, people’s irrational thinking will create even more of a catastrophe. If there is pause and hesitation to appropriately open a door, the folks that don’t do well under pressure at the doors, could result in higher risk of mayhem. There have been documented incidents where people have become victim to critical injury or death, all because a door hindered their escape. Panic bars have become engineered in reference to those cases.

So now that you have a brief background on panic bars, The Lock Doc will list a few added benefits.

Safety of Panic Bars – Safety is the number one thing. Not only are push bars handy in emergencies, but they are a great tool in less critical situations. For example, the push bar is designed to be locked on the outside, keeping unauthorized people out, but still allowing easy exiting access. Panic bars are functional with an alarm system to better facilitate door exiting. For proper installation and full efficiency, push bars should only be installed by a locksmith.

Custom Panic Bars – There is an array of choices that fit the facilities unique needs. Depending on budget, security measures, and safety ability, as well as cross bar variety and vertical bar assortments.

Affordability of Crash Bars – The professional locksmiths at The Lock Doc can acquire the push bars perfect for your building, and install it at a reasonable cost.

Lower Insurance Rates – Not only are the push bars cost effective, but they support building security. With proper installation, insurance premiums are dropped considerably. Properties often receive discounted insurance rates when safety and security measures are in place.

Effectiveness of Panic Bars – We have briefly touched on their safety, and security efficiency, but they are so dependable and effective, that in many public facilities, OSHA has made them mandatory. Panic bars have proven essential for the emergency exit. Exiting is quicker, and better organized when the door is easily opened.

Professional Crash & Panic Push Bar Installation for Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Buildings in South Miami, Coral Gables, Hialeah & Miami FL

With information provided, we strongly recommend taking the time to evaluate your building’s structure. Decide the security protocol that is best for your facility and the nature of the that facility’s purpose. Analyze the appropriate settings for where the push bars may be best effective as opposed to a regularly latch, and consider the occupants safety. Top Master Locksmith can consult with you where the push bars may be needed, and help conclude which push bar, and possible accessories, are right for you and your building.