You did it! You took the plunge and opened your business. The joy of being your own boss has just become a reality. Opening your business is very rewarding, but can also be very stressful. If there is one thing you shouldn’t need to worry about is the safety and security of your livelihoods work space. Whether you are an established business or just starting, it is an unfortunate necessity to keep your building secure during hours of operation and especially during closing time. Consulting a professional from The Lock Doc will only enhance your security, but here are a few things you can do to get started.

Exterior Business Security

Lighting – An intruder’s best ally is the darkness. They use little or no lighting to their advantage. Be sure the building perimeter is well lit, motion lighting is the better choice in keeping the outside of your property lighted. If you do have unsavory stalking the business grounds, an unexpected light coming on might be enough to have them rethink targeting your building and move on.

Landscaping – You don’t always get to control this one, but if you do, you can create a natural barrier in front of your building. Contact your gardener and find the perfect shrub. Bushes standing three feet and extremely thorny will add protection to your property.

Fences and Gates – If you property has the added benefit of fencing and gates, walk the fence line and ensure there are no flaws, or weaknesses in the fence. All gates should be able to open and close completely. Adding decorative points to the tops of fences and gates will reduce the option of a potential burglar hopping over. If the gate is easily opened with a slight pressure, adjust the gate and make sure it is functioning properly.

Business Entrances, Locks & Access

Traditional Keys – Approximately 1/3 of break-ins are done with keys to the building itself. The least amount of employees having a key reduces the risk of keys lost or acquaintances having access. Though you may have hired an honest employee, doesn’t mean the people they know are. If you hire handyman or domestic assistance, schedule their services during business hours, or when you need to work a late night outside of hours of operation as opposed to lending keys out.

Security Locks and Keys – In this day and age, the more high – tech locks and security is the best protection. If the traditional key is still your cup of tea, opt for the higher quality keys you have to obtain from a distributer. They are typically the square heads with “do not duplicate” printed on them.

Indoor Business Security

Lighting – Keep common areas well lit. During closed hours it is still good to keep a few lights burning. Keeping in mind the fish aquarium, if there is still a good visibility, the intruder make think twice at being seen and move on.

Security Cameras – Security cameras are always a wise investment. Even if your building is victimized, a high definition security camera can help police in catching the perpetrator.

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Where these tips are a good way to strengthen your building, having professional security systems is always ideal. Consult with one of our skilled specialists at The Lock Doc, and get your business’s property professionally secured with one of our elite security systems.