The Lock Doc can help with any situation in getting you back on the road, whether you locked your keys in the vehicle, broke the key in the door lock or ignition; our trained technicians can assist in your situation. Each year, $1,255 billion dollars in personal items and car accessories are stolen from vehicles. Damage and even auto theft has escalated. A few simple habits can reduce the risk of your automobile becoming another statistic.

The Lock Doc would like share some tips and give advice on keeping your vehicle from being victimized from break-ins.

Keep your doors locked. Where you might be thinking that’s “common sense“, you’d be surprised as to how many break-ins occur due to an unlocked door. People think it’s safe to “run in” and quickly purchase a beverage, being gone only 5 minutes at most. That’s plenty of time for your car to be targeted. Locking your doors in every instance is the safest practice.

Avoid clutter. Keeping your car tidy, makes it easier to see the valuables are thin. If a criminal minded person happens upon your vehicle and notices shopping bags, carrying bag, etc, it may seem like lots of valuables could be inside, making your car too tempting to pass by.

Conceal Valuables. If you should carry valuable accessories or items in your car, keep them out of site. Glove boxes, department boxes, even under the seat is a good place to hide your things, and appear that your car isn’t worth the risk of a break-in to unsavory characters. When shopping in multiple locations, always put your purchases in the trunk to hide them from view.

Windows and sunroofs Sealed. Keep all windows and sunroofs tightly sealed. Not only can potential thieves gain access from unsecured windows, the pressure sensor for some car alarms has been inadvertently disabled. Now the indecent person has more time to obtain valuable items.

Car alarms. If you don’t already have an alarm installed, invest in one. Criminals are often deterred by the sound creating unwanted attention, thereby making them move on before anything can be lifted.

Original audio-system is choice. There is no demand for factory audio-systems, and in most cases, factory stereos produce good quality music. The upgraded system is only an added motivator for your vehicle to be broken-in to.

– Park in highly visible conditions. Parking in the well lit, open and high traffic areas will make your automobile less appealing.

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These are just a few things you can do to help your car be less desirable among thieves. Keep your vehicle and belongings safe from criminal hands, especially be wary during the holiday season, when high volume shopping days are inevitable. Contact The Lock Doc for all of your automotive locksmith needs.