One of the most alarming facts that you will ever see published is that every 15 seconds, a criminal with the intent to steal breaks into a home in the United State; robbing homeowners not just of their valuable and sentimental possessions but also their peace of mind. Sadly injuries and fatalities occur each year when a home owner surprises the thief in the process of committing his despicable crime, which all too often ends with an act of violence. Is it any wonder that we don’t feel safe sleeping in our own homes? Perhaps you are staying awake concerned about your family’s safety, or tossing and turning at each and every noise? If you answered yes to this question, you are not alone! The Lock Doc of Miami Florida is available to equip your home with the necessary measures and give you the emotional security of knowing that your home is a safe haven where you can relax instead of feeling afraid or threatened.

Customized Locksmith & Security Solutions

The Lock Doc is a leading locksmith service company serving the Greater Miami area of Florida. We are committed to offering a comprehensive list of services for residential and commercial property and business owners as well as emergency and automobile services. We are available 24/7 and our skilled teams of locksmith experts are capable of handling any kind of lock, key and security challenge! We are proud to be locally Miami owned and operated. Every day, we strive to provide our clients with top-notch locksmith and security services to meet their unique needs.

The expert technicians at The Lock Doc have provided the following home security tips to help ease your mind and keep your family and property safe:

Lock up – This may seem really obvious but it is surprising how many people go off to bed without locking all the doors and windows especially in the summer months when you are move likely to open windows during the day. If you have window locks, make sure you are using them. If you don’t have window locks, contact The Lock Doc to have them installed, many thieves use windows to enter and exit a home as they are easier to navigate than doors.

Install an alarm – Alarms not only make a great deal of noise they are also monitored by a security company, as such they are a great deterrent for potential thieves. Criminals are much less likely to attempt to break in to a home which has a working alarm fitted. Be sure to properly set the alarm before going to bed.

Install security lights and a glass peep hole – Burglars are opportunistic, so security lights with motion detectors help to reduce the chances of a thief breaking into your home, thieves have a tendency to shy away from well-lit open areas that are exposed. Contact The Lock Doc to make an appointment to install a small glass peep hole so you can see who is at your door before you open it.

Secure your front door and lock valuables away – Make sure your front and back doors have sturdy locks with a visible chain. Contact The Lock Doc and have new high security locks installed at your home to increase security. If you are concerned about crime, insuring your valuables is well worth the money. Protect your personal property and belongings by installing a quality safe to store valuables. The skilled technicians at The Lock Doc are available to help you select the right safe for your home as well as provide professional installation.

Professional Residential Home Locksmith Services in Miami FL

Contact the professional locksmiths at The Lock Doc today and speak with a customer service representative about residential locksmith and security service to keep your home safe. The Lock Doc has a highly trained team of professional locksmiths and security specialists who are well equipped to handle all types of residential and security locksmith calls.