When you are ready to head for bed, most people have a routine to make sure that windows are closed, doors are locked and lights are out. Everyone wants to feel secure in their home and having good locking doors is the best way. The amount of burglaries are on the rise and the closer you get to the upcoming holiday season the more it will happen. Another trend on the rise is forced entry theft. This is when the thief is willing to break down a door to get into a home and take what they want. All doors have a locking mechanism that will secure the door but most are not secure enough to keep someone out that really wants in.

The Lock Doc suggests adding a deadbolt to your door and has prepared the following reasons as to why it’s a good idea.

A deadbolt is an extra lock that works differently than a standard front door lock. It is installed independent of the standard lock and handle. A standard lock works with a spring that means that it can give away easily if it is smashed up against. The deadbolt does not work as a spring and when it is engaged it can stop a door from breaking down. The deadbolt, when it is fully engaged, inserts into the frame of the door. If a burglar tries to get in they will have to work much harder to gain access. It may deter them if they think they are drawing too much attention and they may choose to move on. To have a deadbolt installed it is best to use a professional locksmith. If it is not installed correctly it will not secure the door the way that it was intended. The professional will make sure that the mechanism has enough room to engage fully into the door frame.

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There are several types of deadbolts that you can choose from. There is a standard deadbolt that locks from the inside of the home or office and requires a key to open it from the outside. You can also get a lock that needs a key on the inside and outside although this is not optimal for a residential door. After you choose the type of deadbolt that you want, you can choose the color or finish that will match the hardware that is already on the door. When you are ready, call The Lock Doc to get a new deadbolt installed.