One of the most common calls that a locksmith receives is from a customer who has accidentally locked their keys inside their vehicle. Locking the keys inside of your car can be a frustrating experience; especially if you are not at home, trying to leave the store, or in a hurry, which most of us almost always are. Locking the keys in the car can occur from simply having your keys fall out of your pockets; purse or accidentally leaving them in the cup holder or some other area that you mindlessly set them down on. Sometimes our keys get stuck into the ignition, making it impossible to remove the key and then closing our door without making sure they are not locked.

Auto Ignition Switch Repair

With the help of a professional locksmith, you can get your ignition repaired and get back on the road again. One of the more common issues that locksmiths experience is the car key getting stuck into the ignition, this happens with all makes and models of vehicles. Many car manufacturers’ use what is known as a split figure ignition, these split figure ignitions can get worn down from regular wear and tear and are also very sensitive to dust and dirt getting inside of them. When this happens, the key will malfunction and it will get stuck in your vehicles ignition. Often times, an older key will break off while in the ignition. A professional locksmith will easily remove the broken key from your ignition, make a new ignition key for you and send you happily on your way.

Replacement Keys

Lost car keys can easily be replaced by a professional locksmith; most people are surprised that their vehicle keys can be replaced so easily. This also comes in handy when your car keys are stolen, or they wear down from regular wear and tear.

Spare Car Keys

One common practice that is encouraged by professional locksmiths is to have a spare set of keys to your vehicle, strategically hidden somewhere on the vehicle. Be sure to hide this spare set of care keys in a place that is not easily seen and difficult to locate. Having a spare set of vehicle keys will become very convenient if you ever lose your keys or lock them inside of your vehicle. There are many different types of containers that are available to hide your spare set of car keys in and hide somewhere on your car.

Professional Automotive Locksmith Services in Miami FL

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